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Membership Application

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Membership Application

Welcome to Ohef Sholom Temple (OST)!  We are delighted you have chosen to become part of our community.  We hope that you will find membership an enriching experience and encourage you to explore the diverse opportunities for Jewish expression that OST offers.  Please call upon our Clergy, Staff, and Lay Leaders whenever we can assist you in becoming part of the Temple family.

If you have any questions or need assistance in filling out this application, please contact the office at 757-625-4295.

Begin your journey now!

Household Address

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Child 1

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A yahrzeit is the anniversary of the day of a loved one's passing. OST will send a yearly reminder prior to the yahrzeit date, according to either the English or the Hebrew date, and recite the deceased’s name during Kaddish on the corresponding Shabbat.

If you would like to receive reminder notices of your family yahrzeits, you may mail in that information.  Once your membership account is set up, you will be able to go in and enter them yourself, or call the office to assist with that process.

Opportunity for Participation

At Ohef Sholom Temple, we believe that joining a congregation is a spiritual and emotional commitment. Joining Committees and Auxiliaries are a wonderful way to meet fellow congregants and see up close what makes our Temple so special.  We encourage all congregants to become involved. Let us know what you might be interested in.  You will be contacted by a congregation member with more information. 

Adult 1
Adult 2

We invite you to upload a family photo

Please submit a photo.  If you don't have an individual/family photo, you can submit a picture of a pet, favorite, logo or anything else that might serve as an avatar.

Friends & Relatives
Are you friends with any members?
List any relatives who are members of OST (include name and specify to which member they are related and how)

Financial Obligations 

Ohef Sholom Temple provides countless ways to feel the joy of belonging from our uplifting worship and education programs to our commitment to Social Justice and Tikkun Olam. These opportunities are made possible through the ongoing contributions of our membership. Each household is responsible for a variety of fees on annual basis. Please note that at OST we pride ourselves on our inclusivity and will work with any household
where finances create a barrier to membership.

Membership Dues reflect the annual pledge each household makes to the congregation. This amount is set by our board during our budgeting process and is payable throughout the entire fiscal year (June 1 through May 31).  This fiscal year (June 1, 2023, through May 31, 2024) the Family Dues are $2,200; Single Dues are $1,500; Under 30 are not required to pay Dues. Dues are prorated for those joining after the High Holy Days.

In order to cover the costs of our ongoing efforts to maintain a safe and secure facility, the board of directors has approved an annual Security Fee of $50 per household. The fee will be listed on your account as a separate line item. One hundred percent of these funds will go toward continued police presence, additional physical security needs, and ongoing training for staff, lay leadership, and the congregation at large.

For those enrolling children in our Religious/Hebrew School, there is an additional enrollment fee per class. 

Desired Membership Dues Level
Please choose the desired Membership Dues level.  A Pillar of the Temple voluntarily pays above standard membership dues, enabling us to honor our mission of being "A House of Prayer for All Peoples," regardless of financial ability.

I/We agree to meet all financial obligations associated with this membership. Requests for special arrangements should be discussed with Jennifer Levin-Tavares, Executive Director, who can be reached at 757-625-4295 or

I/We agree by attending an OST class, service, event, or any activity associated with OST that takes place on temple property or at some other location, to the OST photo/video release policy, unless I/we opt-out. For a full copy of the policy and/or to opt out, please call the office.

Welcome to Ohef Sholom Temple. We're so happy you're joining our community!

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