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Mitzvah Card Submission


“One performed Mitzvah leads to another.”

-Pirkei Avot 4:2

Our MGM Mitzvah Program is learning-through-doing and is based on the phrase above. A “mitzvah” is not only a “good deed” we perform for others, it’s a sense of “commandedness” – what is required to be worthy of being called a Jewish “adult.” If a student can “get into the habit” of performing mitzvot – not only in preparation for the Bar or Bat Mitzvah – that habit can turn into a life-long endeavor.

Listed below are three facets of our MGM program: Talmud Torah, I’yun T’filah and Gemillut Chasadim.
Some deeds are required, while others are optional.
Students must complete a minimum of 10 deeds (4 mandatory + 6 additional of choice).
*If 18 deeds are completed, students receive a prayer book with their name etched on it.

All MGM deeds must be completed and submitted at least ONE MONTH before the Bar/Bat Ceremony.

Please note only 1 submission can be done at a time using this form.


If you are writing more than is allowed in this space, please upload a document instead.

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